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Thanks for a Great Easter Special! | Denver Childrens Photography

The sugar highs from the Easter candy have all worn off, and the chicks have found a good home, and now all we have left are the memories and pictures.

In case you missed it, we decided to have live chicks for the Easter special this year. As if little kids are not rambunctious enough, why not add animals into the mix, right? We had a blast with all the kids and the even found a great home for the chicks, now that their modeling days are behind them.

Sometimes it feels like life is going so fast, that sometimes you miss something. Lucky for us and the families who participated in the Easter special, we have great photos to remind everyone of all the great times.

We want to thank all the families who came in for the Easter special this year and we hope to see you all again very soon! We can’t promise to have live animals next time you come in, but we can promise to be fun, fresh and AFFORDABLE!

Call now to set up your session 303.825.2974 for the next special!

Fun at Bloom Portraits | Denver Baby & Children’s Photography

J is a fun 4 year old with a lot of personality! Energetic photo shoots are what Bloom Portraits is all about. J had so much fun laying and leaping on the furniture in the studio, and we caught it all for his parents to remember!

Bloom Portraits is a FUN, fresh, affordable studio where we encourage kids to jump on the furniture.

Is your child going, going, going that you miss those smiles and laughs? Bring them into Bloom Portraits where we create a fun environment for everyone to keep those laughs coming and the camera shooting.

Call 303.825.1974 (Denver) or 952.473.3838 (Minneapolis) for more information!


Smiley Baby Stella | Denver Baby Photography

Baby Stella is 4 months old! We were honored to photograph her next milestone as a part of our baby’s first year, Tiny Sprouts program. Stella couldn’t seem to stop smiling throughout her session. Her adorable little grins melted our hearts. We can’t wait to see her for her 8 month session!

Denver (303) 825-1974   Minneapolis (952) 473-3838

Eddy | The Corner Custom Framer

How lucky are we to have a full custom frame shop in our studio! Eddy Bowles owns The Corner, which is a full service custom-framing studio that also offers gifts and home décor, in addition to framing. Owner Eddy Bowles is a former professional dancer whose career spanned 18 years and performed on stages from Los Angeles to Tokyo to Broadway. Now retired from his dancing career, Bowles shares a studio with 211 Photography and Bloom Portraits—at the intersection of 32nd and Speer Boulevard in the historic Highlands Square in Denver Colorado.

Learn more  through the link about The Corner Custom Framing!

Tripod | King of Bloom

Meet Tripod

Yes, Tripod only has three legs  🙂 We call him our bull in a china shop. You will usually find Tripod sleeping in our office. We rescued Tripod after he had a car accident with his previous owner. He may only have three legs, but watch out he has a wicked tail that makes up for his missing leg.

Meet the Team! | David » Bloom Portraits - June 15, 2016 - 6:52 PM

[…] also couldn’t be more happy to share my space with four amazing little studio doggies: Tripod, Pearl, Colfax and […]

Ms. Pearl | Queen of Bloom

Meet Pearl

Pearl is the eldest of the crew and the most laid back pup you will ever meet. She is typically hanging out in the show room waiting for warm bodies to snuggle up against. Trust me – you’ll want to take Pearl home once you meet her.

Meet the Team! | David » Bloom Portraits - June 15, 2016 - 7:09 PM

[…] couldn’t be more happy to share my space with four amazing little studio doggies: Tripod, Pearl, Colfax and […]

Leila | Denver Newborn Photography

Words cannot express how much I love this familia.  Mana is a long time friend here in Denver and I was so excited when she called and wanted to book her babies first year.  This set of adorable photos comes from their newborn session in the hospital and at home.  Can’t wait to see them for their next session.


Cortez | Prince of Bloom

Meet Cortez

Cortez is our fuzzy ball of love. We rescued Cortez from a local shelter after being transferred from Cortez, CO. We thought the name was fitting. Cortez is our little studio helper. When we have shy kids in the studio he always brings out a smile.


Meet the Team! | David » Bloom Portraits - June 15, 2016 - 7:44 PM

[…] I also couldn’t be more happy to share my space with four amazing little studio doggies: Tripod, Pearl, Colfax and Cortez! […]

Colfax | Prince of Bloom

Meet Colfax

You won’t see much of Colfax around the studio he is usually up in one of the offices obsessing over his toys and tennis balls. Boy does this guy love his toys. Colfax is the shyest of the bunch but is so cute if you ever get a chance to meet him.

Meet the Team! | David » Bloom Portraits - June 15, 2016 - 7:42 PM

[…] be more happy to share my space with four amazing little studio doggies: Tripod, Pearl, Colfax and […]

Baby Blue | Denver Family Photography

Bloom Portraits loves the Nance Family.  I always look forward to the holiday season because I get to see on of my favorite families.  This year they had a new addition to the family.  Since it was too cold out we moved their session into the studio.  I wasn’t sure of the blue at first but I actually ended up liking it a lot.

Call 303.825.1974 for more information!

carroll larremore - April 9, 2012 - 11:49 AM

Wow o wow! 211 Photohraphy did a framing from an old photo of my husband. This framed photo was presented tomy husband at his retirement party this past weekend. He was celebrating 30 years as an emergency room doctor and the photo was taken in the 1980’s from a scene from the er. The framing was really outstanding!!!! People at the party were getting their iphones out to take pictures of the picture. Thank you!!! You did an outstanding job!!!!!!!!!!! carroll larremore

davidschmidt - April 12, 2012 - 6:21 PM

Thanks Carroll – the framing was done by Eddy at The Corner his framing studio shares a space with my photography studio. I remember the photo and he did a fantastic job with it. I am so happy everyone enjoyed it.