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Simple is In!

I cannot get enough of simple newborn sessions. Mom and dad came into this session, not expecting to be photographed, but I convinced them and I just love the look of their simple clothing, the colors and of course their kind and loving expressions. That is all you need when you come into a newborn session.

BUT the cute little props they brought kicked the session into a sweet and still simple level. I LOVE the neutral tones. The bottom right photo with the green patterned blanket is one of my favorite photos of 2017. I love the mix of pattern and natural coloring. Plus little girl was posing oh so perfectly!

Feel free to step out of the blue and pink color pallet and into something natural and simple!

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Quiet & Content

Like I’ve said before, newborn sessions are one of my favorite things to photograph. They are relaxing, creative and we always keep it super warm in there for baby!

I love being able to just sit with baby and find new and unique angles to photograph them at. Having an hour and half to do that, helps everyone not feel rushed. Especially when baby needs to stop for a feeding or an outfit change.

Newborn sessions are special and I am so happy that our clients let us prove from the beginning that we love capturing these moments, as much as they love having them for a lifetime.

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Your First Moments Together

When a newborn smiles in their portrait session, I cannot help but get excited! Look at this little one in her daddy’s arms. So happy and safe!

When coming in for a newborn session, be prepared to not only be in the photos, but to just enjoy the moment! Your little one has just arrived and we are capturing those first moments as a family together.

Newborn sessions are my favorite because of the warmth, love and relaxed nature of a session. Let go and just enjoy this time as a family.

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Pinterest Perfect Newborn Session

I am IN LOVE with this newborn session. Mom has some great style! The color pallet is perfect, she made time to get her nails, hair and make up done…..these pictures are going to last forever…remember that!

If you don’t have time to think of what to bring to your newborn session or you are at a loss of ideas…check out the cute fake flowers, fur rug and letter block, this Tiny Sprouts Mama brought in! All are easily found at your local craft store and let us do the work of styling it for you! You can even make these purchases online and have them sent straight to your home! Even easier!

Don’t hesitate to search through our gallery, Pinterest or just ask. We will help you have the best newborn session you can have!

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Jonah & the Whale {Boy Newborn Props}

This little boy was the sweetest, most sleepiest thing ever! I just wanted to cuddle him the entire newborn session!

One of my favorite things about this session, is his mom brought in so many cute newborn props! Sometimes boys have a harder time, but these are some great examples of what to bring to your little boy’s newborn session!

This little guy is Jonah so his mom brought this little whale! And by that smile, I think he likes it!

Also this basket was so cute and colorful! Don’t be afraid of that moms! The blue blanket helped tie in the color pallet.

And last but not least, usually I’m hiding diapers….but this dinosaur one was too cute not to feature! Plus you get the detail shots I love of their little baby-ness!

Call us today and let’s get creative on your next portrait session!

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Dare to be Different

This newborn session was one of my first switching to the 50mm lens. I just love the detail and depth that the lens gives you. What come out of this newborn session are some of my favorite shots to date.

When families dare to be different, all of our creativity shines through. Thank you to all of the new parents who trust Bloom Portraits to deliver newborn photography that is not only different, but memories that you will cherish a lifetime!

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Mom Join the Fun!

Newborn sessions can be full of emotions. Most parents want us to focus on the baby. But I just love making sure we get photos with both mom and dad, even if they are a bit hesitant. Taking the photos and having them for a possibility of you loving them, is better than not taking them and missing the moment.

Make sure you come to your newborn session in a simple something for when I ask you to jump in the photo! Close ups, profiles and details. With variety like that, you will be sure to look back and say you were happy you joined in on the fun!

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Sister, Sister

I’m not gonna lie. This was a hard shot to get! BUT it was totally worth it! How sweet are these two little sisters. So angelic.

I love getting this magic shot. And with some help from mom and dad we did it! Be prepared I may put you to work in your session!

But when you get photos like this, the crazy hour is worth it for memories like these! Thank you to all the parents who help me do my job!

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Newborn Props

Don’t know what to bring to your upcoming newborn session? Check out what this Tiny Sprouts mom brought!

She DIYed those letter blocks! Purchasing blank blocks from a craft store, stencils and paint for the letters and a wood burning pen for the floral designs! She got the idea off of you guessed it….Pinterest!

The ukulele is because they play it! The little on is already smiling about music!

And of course you cannot go wrong with an adorable headband and cheese cloth! Check out Etsy for those purchases!

But no matter what you bring to your newborn portrait session, just remember the love that you share for your newest little one!

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Moms Treat Yo’ Self!

Mom’s don’t forget to treat yo’ self this year! Go get a mani, try the Dry Bar….I LOVE IT, and get your make up done by our friend Michelle. Then come on in and capture how you feel! We always love when parents join their kiddos in photos! Capture your love this year!


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