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Client review! | Denver Family Photographer

“We’ve been extremely pleased with Bloom over the last 5 years. They are professional, talented, patient and fun. Their events are something we look forward toward and they never disappoint. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for photos.”

Congratulations M | Denver Newborn Photographer

We love it when one of our own come in for a portrait session. Megan and her partner just had this beautiful baby girl and we got to bond with her over her newborn Tiny Sprouts session! We cannot wait to watch our new Bloom Portraits family member grow throughout the year!

Getting ready to add to your family? You can inquire about our Tiny Sprouts Plan HERE or give us a call for more information on capturing your baby’s first year!

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Double Trouble | Denver Children’s Photographer

We always love seeing our long time clients year after year. It is fun to grow with a family. PLUS as the years go by, children get more and more comfortable with us so we can create awesome moments like these below!

Want to start building a relationship with us and creating memories that will last a lifetime?

Give us a call today or fill out our INQUIRY FORM.

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Denver Children

Denver Children

4 Tips for a Successful Family Session | Denver Family Photographer

Anyone find getting prepared for a your yearly family portrait session stressful?! No matter how many people you have to wrangle for a portrait session, it is a lot of work. We want to give you some of our professional tips for making your next family portrait session go as smoothly as possible!

1. Rested. Right after sleep is usually when children are ready to go! Mornings after they have had time to wake up and afternoons after they have had time to take a nap. Both are great times to schedule your portrait session. A rested child is a happy child!

2. Fed. After they wake up, second is food! No one likes being hangry! So make sure you have fed them so they are in a nice food coma upon arrival at your portrait session.

3. Dressed. Don’t dress your child until you are ready to go! You don’t want them to get any of that breakfast or lunch on their adorable new outfit! Plus when you arrive at your portrait session dressed, you can start right away with no fussing!

4. Intensive. On the way to your portrait session, talk about what will happen after the session if they corporate. It can be as simple as an ice cream or a lollipop…we have lollipops in our studio and always use them to our advantage! To even a fun play date or movie!

And that is it! With those four…hopefully easy steps…make sure all adults are helping each other!!! You will be ready for your family portrait session!

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Welcome to Tiny Sprouts! | Denver Newborn Photographer

We are so excited to have our newest Tiny Sprouts member. Look how adorable this little girl is! So stylish already!

Check out the bottom photo. All Dad’s idea! I love when both parents can be involved in a session.

Wondering what a Tiny Sprouts Plan is? CLICK HERE. We would love to give you more information on our baby’s first year plan!

Give us a call today to start making memories that will last a lifetime!

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Denver Newborn Photographer

Denver Newborn Photographer

Epic Extended Family Sessions….Just Do it! | Travel Photographer

When was the last time your entire family was together? When was the last time you were all photographed together? I think it is time for another new year’s resolution. We can still do that right? Of course! Get on your Google Calendar and add in an extended family session and invite send out that invite. Here is why you need to do this now!

1. Time. We might like to think that our parents and grandparents will be around forever, but unfortunately that isn’t the case. And sometimes we might loose someone unexpectedly. That is why it is so important to do it NOW while you have the chance. Besides the photo memory, you will have the memory of time together creating a lasting image to add to your family history.

2. Family History. We all have one. We are living our family history now. Yesterday is history and tomorrow will soon pass. Capture your history in a photograph that can last forever. Something that can be passed down to your children and their children. Create a tradition that will span lifetimes.

3. Precious Moments. Not only will you have a physical copy of your memories, during your photo shoot and time together you will add to your memory bank. It is really tough to get so many people together in one place. Believe me I know. Our family reunions happen almost every three to five years. But when they do happen, you can bet we make time during all of our fun to make a memory that won’t only live in our heads, but something we can hang on our walls, marvel at everyday and look back on the love that we share.

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Why A Wunderlust Portrait Session | Travel Photographer

Who doesn’t love to travel? Exotic, cozy or relaxing. They are allllllll good! Vacation is vacation am I right? Now while you are in these amazing spots…why not get a professional photographer to capture the experience? Here’s why you should hire a photographer while on vacation!

1. When will you ever be back again? Most people only travel to a location one time in their life. There are so many great places to see in the world, I always find it hard to go back to a place I’ve already visited when there are so many other places on my bucket list! PLUS if you have a photo session while on vacation, you can cross off holiday card photos from your never ending to-do list! PLUS PLUS who is gonna beat a shot like that?! You will win holiday card season!

2. You are RELAXED! And when you are relaxed you are happy and when you are TRULY happy that will shine through so bright in your photos. Plus can you san TAN?!

3. Happy memories. All that relaxation will make you sooooooo happy! Capture that happiness to remember for years to come. Who doesn’t want a gallery wall full of framed gorgeous happy memories in exotic places? Wether it be on the beach, in the mountains or an exotic adventure, you want EVERYONE to be in the photos and you want something that represents you, your trip and your history.

Sooooooooooo take the time, save up the money and get some unique pictures that will make everyone jealous. OR inspire them to do it themselves! Set the trend.

The 7 Best Places For Portraits In Denver | Denver Photographer

The Mile High city of Denver Colorado has some amazing neighborhoods. Inside those neighborhoods are some iconic spots. Here is our guide to the BEST places in Denver to have your next portrait session!

1. RiNo – Looking for some place bright with a bit of edge? The new up and coming Denver neighborhood of River North aka RiNo is the place for you! TONS of beautiful street art surround the few blocks on Larimer St. Take a fun morning stroll to avoid the craziness that is a RiNo night. Stop at whatever catches your fancy and don’t forget your sneakers! RiNo is a great portrait spot for families with older kids and cool couples.

2. Cheeseman Park – Looking for a super classy Kardashian style photo shoot? Look no further than Cheeseman Park. It’s amazing white columns make any family photo shoot a piece of art. The greenery surrounding the columns can bring some great color into your portrait session as well. Or create a gorgeous color scheme of your own like our clients! Don’t be afraid to mix match patterns of the same color!

3. Golden – Looking for a picture perfect place that screams Colorado? Golden is right up your alley. Golden, Colorado, just a short drive out of the city, has a wonderful picture perfect park full of old cottages, farm houses and rustic wooden details. Exactly what you think when you think of the old wild west that was Colorado. This location is perfect for families and couples with pets they want to bring along for the photography session.

4. Red Rocks – THE place when people think of Denver and Colorado. You cannot get anymore iconic for your next family photo shoot than Red Rocks. Worth the drive and easy to find parking. During the week is best to avoid the crowds, but don’t worry too much, there are miles of amazing photo opportunities for your session. Everywhere you look is a golden photo opportunity. PLUS don’t be afraid to dress to the nines, it is such a lovely contrast!

5. Union Station – The brand new Union Station in the heart of Downtown Denver is the most modern Denver you can get! The hustle and bustle inside and out of the station makes for some great movement in your photos. Try to schedule your session in the morning for if you would like less foot traffic in your photos. Afternoon if you want a shot in front of the amazing historic building. Either way there are a bunch of fun spots in and around the new Union Station for the perfect portrait session.

6. Riverfront Park – Can’t decide on urban or park for your next photo shoot? Don’t! Riverfront Park has both! Urban residences line one side of the street and the park on the other. Add in their amazing line of trees {GORG during the fall and spring seasons} and you got a little bit of both for you next portrait session. 

7. Home Location – How much work is it to make it allllll the way out to Red Rocks for your next photo shoot. Want something cozy and personal? Why not have your next photo shoot right in your own backyard? Or front, depending on the time of day! Your home is unique to your family. You’ve taken time to create your safe space, why not show it off in your photos. AND the best thing you will not be late for your photo session!

Denver has such a variety of back drops it might be a bit hard to pick the right one for you. But with so many options and so much time you can certainly have a unique and beautiful portrait every year!

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Spring Storm | Colorado Family Photography

It is April and it is about time for a  one of our Denver famous Spring storms! Are you ready?

You can bet we will move a session outdoors for a bit if it starts snowing! What fun and unique photos you get!

We can’t plan the weather but we can certainly use it to our advantage!

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Colorado Family Photography
Colorado Family Photography