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A Tiny Sprouts Graduate | Denver Family Photographer

We are proud to announce another Tiny Sprouts Plan graduate! Check out this cutie! He brought his baby bear to ALL three of his sessions {newborn, 6 months and one year}. It was so cute to see him grow up next to it!

Denver Baby Photographer
Denver baby Photographer

Sensational Centennial Gardens Photoshoot Location | Denver Family Photographer

Now is the perfect time of year to schedule your session at Centennial Gardens.  All the new flowers were planted today and looking beautiful!  Plus there are so many background options at this location.  You can choose to go into the gardens, use the trees for an outdoor nature scene or use the colorful concrete backdrops under an overpass nearby.

Call us today to book your session at 303-825-1974! Or fill out our inquiry form.

Denver Photographer

A Bright NEW Session | Denver Newborn Photographer

Welcome our newest Tiny Sprouts member, baby Ford! Don’t you just LOVE the letters his parents brought to the session?! What a great idea! Add that to your never ending to-do list parents!

We cannot wait to see what his parents come up with for his 6 month and one year sessions! See you back soon Ford!

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Let’s Get Messy | Denver Children Photographer

Cake Smash sessions are probably one of my favorite things to photograph! You never know what is going to happen!

This little one did NOT like getting dirty! I had to smoosh her little foot into the cake to get her a bit more messy and she was not a fan of that! Mom came a long and helped out with these adorable little feet shots after baby was over it!

I just love the color and simplicity in a cake smash session. It lets you focus on all of the emotions that are happening with your baby and just pops off the page! How cute would this collage be framed on your wall?!

Our 1st birthday cake smash portrait sessions are on sale NOW! Only $50 and you can have a fun, memorable and messy session all your own. {Clean up on us!}

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Celebrating the Middle Moments | Denver Children Photographer

This little one is already headed in the fashionista direction! Thanks to Mom’s Hermes scarf we were able to capture some truly regal photos.

Want to celebrate your baby’s middle moments? Give us a call today for a session or to learn about our Tiny Sprouts Baby’s First Year Plan!

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Mother’s Day Limited Edition SOLD OUT! | Denver Family Photographer

FRIENDS!!!! Our Mother’s Day Limited Edition is SOLD OUT!!!! And with a week left! Thank you so much!!!

This is our third Limited Edition Event and we are so excited to make each one bigger and better for your each time. We hope that all of the moms that have signed up are excited to get some beautiful portraits with their kiddos that will last a lifetime! We love making memories for you!

BUT we still have GIFT CARDS available for last minute gifts!

Our next Limited Edition is all about DADS! So stay tuned Dads….you are up next! We love celebrating family!

We love you guys!! Happy SATUR-YAY!!!!

Celebrating the Middle Moments | Denver Family Photographer

I can never choose which part of the Tiny Sprouts Plan is my favorite to photograph. Newborns are so snuggly and sleepy. One year gets the cake smash, but 6 month they are just starting to show personality and I always love a good BUM photo now that they are sitting up on their own…or on a furry rug in this case!

Come celebrate your child’s middle moments with our Tiny Sprouts 1st Year Baby Plan!

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Happy Birthday L! | Denver Family Children

We are so excited to have baby L wrap up his Tiny Sprouts Session. It has been so wonderful to grow with this family! I cannot wait to see them back for baby #2!

Have a new little one on the way? Want to capture their first year?! Give us a call today to find out more about our Tiny Sprouts Baby Plan!

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Mama’s Girl | Denver Newborn Photographer

Welcome to the world little one!

David has photographed her mama since she was a senior in high school and now he is photographing her daughter! We are so proud to grow with our families!

Congratulations A!

Denver | 303-825-1974 |

What to Wear for a Family Photoshoot | Denver Family Photographer

Denver Family Photography

Do you always worry about what to wear to your family photo shoot? Well let us help you out. Here are our favorite tips for choosing your outfits for your family photo shoot.

1. Coordinate, but don’t match.

Think about what colors you look best in and surround your family in that. Don’t be afraid to mix in patterns and bold colors. Don’t take your choices too seriously! Let your family’s personal style shine through!

Denver Family Photography

Denver Family Style

2. Dress in like fabrics.

This is my new favorite tip for families. Check out the all velvet styled shoot above! Isn’t it magnificent? They are matching in fabrics, but not outfits. Dresses, jumpers and jackets all compiled together to make one unique look. Different shades can be used and a well used color palette can do wonders!

Denver Family Photography

3. Think about props.

Your baby is such a cute prop, but think about other natural props as well. I love the use of a bouquet in the shot above. Flower crowns are gorgeous, fun blankets or even your pets!

Denver Family Photography

Styling a photoshoot

4. Dress for the season.

Sweaters in the summer?! No way! Your surroundings will tell the story of the season, make sure you are telling the same story!

Denver Family Photography

Kids Style

5. Check out Pinterest for inspiration!

We have a few boards to fit your needs!

Family Style 

Boy’s Style

Girl’s Style

What is your favorite thing to wear to your family photo shoot? Do you have a favorite season you like to be photographed in? Share your ideas in the comments below and let’s grow this list!


Denver | 303-825-1974

How to dress