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Grandparents + Smiles

What a better way to celebrate the birth of your new little one, than by including YOUR parents?! Smiles are sure to be abound! As well as love! Let us capture that for you, for years to come!

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Celebrating the New Year!

It has been awhile hasn’t friends! All of us at Bloom Portraits want to wish you a happy new year! We are really excited to get creative for you in 2018! We started the year off with the most amazing cake smash session. Completely Pinterest worthy! Take notes!

Ready to celebrate with us?! Give us a call today!

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Why pets should be involved in your family photo | Denver Family Photographer

Do you have pets? Why are they not in your family portrait?! Here are our favorite reasons why you SHOULD bring your pets to your next  family portrait session!

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1. They are family. Have you had them before your human children? Are they a special companion? They are family! Bring them and let them officially know that they are a special part of your family.

2. Memories. We don’t like to think about it, but out pets are not around forever. Bringing them in and including them in your family portrait session allows you to create memories that you can hold on to for a lifetime.

04-Denver Family Photography

3. Fun and laughter. Usually in portrait sessions, pets are not the most corporative subjects. Which makes for true laughter and fun to be captured in your family photo!Bring your family pet along to help bring out your true families happiness.

14-Denver Family Photography

4. Spontaneity. You never know what a pet is going to do! Are they going to jump, run away or eat your one year old’s birthday cake? Whatever it is, it will sure to make for a unique photo.

Have I given you enough reasons to bring your pet in for a photo? Dog, cat, fish or bird bring them all! So when you hang up your family portrait on the wall, it is a piece of art that your family will cherish for a life time.

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Why a gif. is a great birth announcement | Denver Newborn Photographer

We live in a digital age and what a better way to embrace that then to have a NEW and stylish birth announcement! Gifs are a great way to do just that!

What unique way are you announcing the birth of your baby? Share with us in the comments below. Want us to create a gif for you? Give us a call today!

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Why a gif. is a GREAT birth annoucement

How to Style your Photoshoot | Denver Family Photography

Don’t think you have what it takes to style your family for a photo shoot? Look no further, we have the a great example and tips to make your portrait session last a lifetime!

  1. You don’t have to match!  Matching was a thing of the 90’s.  Remember the days when everyone dressed the same in their photoshoots, in kakis/ jeans and white t-shirts, DON’T do that anymore!  It makes the photo much more interesting if you are not wearing exactly the same thing as the other people in it.

Denver Family Photography

 2.  Choose colors that compliment each other.  This family chose blue and yellow, colors that go great together.  They made sure to stagger the colors so that brother and sister/ Mom and Dad weren’t too match-y.  Another option is to choose a focus color for your shoot and choose different shades of that color for each family member.

How to style family photos

3.  Make sure that you stand out from your background.  In a studio it can be a bit hard to know which background will be used but if are doing a location shoot know your surrounding, don’t choose colors that are going to be too close to the colors at your location.

4.  Accessorize, accessorize, accessorize!  Choose your favorite piece of jewelry or a funky pair of socks to add a little flare to your outfit.

Denver Family Photographer

5.  Most of all, don’t forget to be yourself and have fun, a genuine smile on your face is the best style of all!

Family photography Styling

Now you are ready for a very stylish family portrait session. One that will last through the ages! What is your families style? Share in the comments below and lets make some memories together!

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How To Have A Successful Cake Smash Session | Denver Children Photographer

First Birthday Photography Session

What is more entertaining than letting your little one go at it with a cake for the first time? Catching it on camera of course! Here are our tips on how to have a successful one year cake smash portrait session!

First Birthday Photography

1. The cake! Something baby sized is always perfect. Be careful on your icing color choices though because some of the brighter is a bit hard to get off of baby!

2. The attire. Fancy clothes or no clothes both are great ways to celebrate your baby’s big day!

3. Expressions. The best part of a one year session is how many different expressions we can get. A one year session can sometimes be overwhelming.

First Birthday Photography

4. Clean up. Don’t worry about it, we got you!

5.Where to display the photos. This session will be one for the memory books, your wall and all of social media! Hang up those memories so you can look back and smile everyday. I love filling my walls with my favorite memories! Where is your favorite place to display your photos?

Now you are ready to celebrate your babies first or 18th birthday with us! Fill our our inquiry form for more information. Or just give us a call!

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how to have a successful cake smash session

Pretty Little Cake Smash | Denver Children Photographer

Look at this cake smash session! Just look! #swoon

I put up the ribbon background thinking it would be perfect for a little girl’s cake smash and her mama brought in the exact perfect color scheme!
Plus mom had the best idea of making the cake have hardly any icing and look how adorable is their cake! #easycleanup
Want to create some birthday magic together? Give us a call and we can create something fun together!

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What To Bring To Your One Year Session | Denver Children Photographer


It has been one year for you and your baby! Congratulations! You made it! Now it is time to celebrate! Here are some of our favorite things for you to bring to your baby’s one year session!


first birthday photography

1. Cake. Finishing off a one year session with a cake smash is completely memorable. You get a wide variety of expressions and very colorful photos!

2. Party Hats. Sometimes they stay on the head, sometimes they don’t! But they always make for a funny and cute photo!

3. Balloons. Who doesn’t love balloons? I know they are my favorite! They bring such a fun splash of color to any session, birthday or regular!

14-Denver Family Photography

4. Pets. They always make everything better! What a better way to treat them for making it successfully through baby’s first year as well?! These unpredictable shots are something you will want to remember.

Are you ready for your baby’s first year photo session?! What would you bring to your one year session? We have the Happy Cakes bakery right down the street if you are looking for a good cake to smash! Give us a call or fill our our inquiry form to get more information today!

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what to bring to your one year session

Two Birds One Photo Shoot | Denver Family Photographer

Need family photos and head shots?!

We got you covered! I was so happy to be able to shoot soon to be published author Sheryl and her family + a head shot for her book!

One & done! Congrats Sheryl!

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Mommy & Me | Denver Family Photographer

Did you miss our Mother’s Day Limited Edition Event?

Well who says you need an event or an occasion for portraits. Check out this fun mommy & me session we just did!
Anytime is the perfect time to capture memories!

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